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Download: Keaton Henson "Elevator Song (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)"

First Listen

London musician and composer Keaton Henson (pictured above) recently released Romantic Works, a record billed as his "first collection of classical compositions" which strung together nine dense works consisting of piano, cello, filed recordings, and various found sounds. Following the record's release, Henson enlisted German synthscape master and former XLR8R podcast contributor Ulrich Schnauss to rework LP cut "Elevator Song." As one may have expected, the cinematic qualities of Henson's original fits easily within the pastoral inclinations of Schnauss, who wraps lush pads and a slow-brewing arpeggio sequence around the composition's delicate piano melodies and long-winded cello phrases. 

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Record Store Week: People's Records

All week long, XLR8R will be taking a closer look at some of our favorite record shops from around the globe. Check out the entire 'Record Store Week' series here.

For those who have never set foot in the "Techno City," or at least haven't strayed outside the confines of the annual Movement Festival, it's easy to imagine Detroit as the crumbling metropolis it's often portrayed as in the media, a place filled with beautiful but empty skyscrapers, expansive abandoned factories, and blocks of burnt-out homes. At the same time, it's just as easy to imagine Detroit as a dance music hotbed, the birthplace of techno that's still home to many of the genre's originators and a number of the United States' top DJs and producers. There is truth in both sentiments; despite all of its struggles, Detroit is a city whose musical spirit is very much alive. Most people will point to the city's numerous artists and the labels when asserting this notion, but on more of a street level, music retail is incredibly healthy in Detroit. When the renowned Record Time closed years ago, many feared that the rest of the city's record stores would eventually follow suit, and some of them did. However, things have since stabilized, and even switched directions. Survivors like Desirable Discs and Buy-Rite (now operating as Detroit Music Center) are thriving, Underground Resistance's elusive Submerge continues to operate and host the Detroit Techno Museum, and new stores like Hello, Detroit Threads, and People's Records have opened for business. Read more » 

Podcast 352: Pixelord

Nearly two years have passed since XLR8R published an extensive feature digging into the country's rapidly expanding electronic music scene. Since then, this growth has only intensified, and Russia's leading producers continue to knock on the door of more widespread recognition. Although the enormous nation is home to a countless number of talented producers, when it comes to beats and bass, there's little question that Pixelord (a.k.a. Alexey Devyanin) sits at the top of the list. He's previously released music via Leisure System, Error Broadcast, Car Crash Set, and Civil Music, and his stewardship of the Hyperboloid label has made the imprint into an essential hub for forward Russian sounds. On July 28, Pixelord's latest EP, Polygon Fane, will be issued via Infinite Machine, so the time felt right to invite Devyanin to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Read more » 

Tin Man Announces New LP for Acid Test

Following on from the singular sound of 2012's Neo Neo Acid, Tin Man is poised to release another melancholic acid album via Absurd sublabel Acid Test. Read more » 

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  • 07/22/2014

Download: Reid "Singapore"

Label: Metropolis

Irish producer Reid is preparing to drop Fractures, a six-track EP which will find the artist weaving a few vocal collaborations into his wistful electronic efforts. Here we have one of Fractures' instrumental affairs; built around a punchy set of piano chords, "Singapore" laces its pulsing run with interlocked melodic layers, which weave between the producer's sharp and efficient drum programming. The result is somewhat reminiscent of Gold Panda's knack for melody-striped electronics, but where the Ghostly affiliate seems to favor dustier textures, Reid elects to finish off his tracks with a polished glow. The budding Dublin-based producer's Fractures EP is set to see its release on August 11. 

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Huerco S., Ital, Protect-U, Hound Scales and More Added to Sustain-Release Line-Up

Last month, the first announcement of New York's forthcoming Sustain-Release festival (a collaboration between NYC producer, and organizer of Brooklyn's Mutual Dreaming parties, Aurora Halal and longtime music writer and promoter Zara Wladawsky) arrived with word that Xosar, Joey Anderson, Blondes, and MGUN were all billed for the summer camp-style festival. Now, Sustain-Release has unveiled the second wave of artists slated to perform at the inaugural edition of the East Coast event. Read more » 

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  • 07/21/2014

Check Out a "Sunny Afternoon" Mix from Fort Romeau

Recorded live over the weekend at London's Lovebox Festival, a new mix of Balearic and disco-tinged tunes from Ghostly affiliate Fort Romeau is now available to hear in full. Read more » 

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  • 07/21/2014

Download: Circle Traps "What It Holds"

First Listen
Label: Lex

Circle Traps is the combined effort of UK artists Jack Wyllie, Duncan Bellamy, and Will Ward. Together, the trio will release its third EP, Machine City, next month via the Lex label, from which the synth-led "What It Holds" comes to us. Appearing in the second half of the upcoming effort, the production is built around a driving drum machine and interweaving layers of thick arpeggio sequences, which are generously manipulated and bathed in FX as they twist throughout the tune's four-plus-minute run. The rest of Circle Traps' Machine City EP will be available when the five-track record sees its official release on July 28. 

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Ninja Tune Preps New EP from Evy Jane; Hear a Track Now

Canadian duo Evy Jane will become the latest outfit to join the Ninja Tune roster when its four-track Closer EP drops via the UK outpost next month. Read more » 

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  • 07/21/2014

Stream the Upcoming LP from DJ Harvey's Wildest Dreams Project

Billed as a "modern-day equivalent of the L.A. wrecking crew," the debut album from time-tested DJ and veteran sonic adventurer DJ Harvey's Wildest Dreams project can now be heard in full. Read more » 

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  • 07/21/2014

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