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All week long, XLR8R's Labels We Love series has found us speaking at length with the people behind some of our favorite imprints. So far, those features have only focused on well-established labels, outfits whose names are likely already familiar to the majority of XLR8R readers. That being said, when it comes to labels, we're interested in more than just the obvious candidates. Although it's hard to truly love a label until it has a proven track record and a relatively large body of work, we find still ourselves salivating over new imprints all the time. The world of electronic music is one that moves rather quickly, meaning that interesting new upstarts pop up on what often feels like a daily basis. Granted, many of these will ultimately be flash-in-the-pan operations, but that doesn't make our excitement about their current output any less tangible. In celebration of that rush, we've assembled a list of six Labels We Like. Most of these imprints are new, and some only have a handful of releases to their name, but they've all been turning out music that's piqued our interest and left us wanting more. If they keep it up, perhaps they'll be able to crack the Labels We Love roster somewhere down the road. Read more » 

Hi, Doctor Nick! - Getting Inspired and What to Do When Your Man Asks About His Music

Every Thursday, XLR8R's resident guru, Nick Hook, puts on his doctor's coat and answers readers' questions about life, love, music, travel, gear, production, and whatever else people need help with. Doctor Nick has the knowledge—we're just here to help him share it with the world.

Hi. I'm back in New York. Last week, I almost called in sick as Doctor Hook, but it ended up being the most-read column yet. I'm glad everyone is feeling this. It's fun.

I just drank like 23 cups of coffee.

By the way, last time I forgot the golden rule of guestlist etiquette:


Shout out to the Knicks. 5-0. Shout out to the new Deftones album. Shout out to my new apartment. Keep the questions coming, and send music and shit—all of it. doctornick@xlr8r.com Read more » 

Download: DJs Pareja "Saxo Temor"

Label: Cómeme

Shooting straight into the heart of the club, DJs Pareja's "Saxo Temor" is perfect for the weekend's dawn-soaked hours. Said to be "from the 'fuego' department" (meaning it's a particularly flamboyant tune), "Saxo Temor" is lifted off the recently released De La Cabeza EP, and lives up to the description as its marching rhythms propel creaking horn sounds and dizzying sound effects with help from a persistently bouncing cowbell pattern. You can stream the rest of DJs Pareja's De La Cabeza EP after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 7.6 (58 votes)

Review: Brian Eno Lux

Label: Warp

For some, being a fan of Brian Eno is not always so easy. Across his prolific and highly regarded career, the British musician, composer, producer, and artist has lent his unique touch and enlightened musical perspective to such an immense range of artistic endeavors that it is nearly impossible for anyone's taste to align with them all. In the past two years, Eno has continued this legacy by taking up a residence of sorts with the legendary Warp label, releasing three records with the imprint prior to Lux which were—at least within the XLR8R realm—rather underwhelming efforts. Lux, however, bucks that trend. Formed from a piece originally conceived for the Great Gallery of the Palace of Venaria in Turin, Italy, the single, 75-minute composition is, conceptually speaking, Eno's simplest work for Warp yet. That said, it's also his most successful outing for the label thus far, as the combination of processed strings, guitar, and keys makes for an absolutely gorgeous listening experience. Read more » 

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  • 11/15/2012

Download: Rumtum "Birdeyes"

Label: HUG

Following the release of his split 7", New Goth Gypsies, Rumtum has dropped a free mini-EP via Denver's HUG label. "Birdeyes" shows the producer playing with weightless elements like bells and bright drums, balancing the airy bits with a heavy, omnipresent bassline and some elephantine electronics for a surprisingly balmy effect. You can grab the other half of Rumtum's mini-EP over on his Bandcamp.  

Average: 8.3 (94 votes)

Review: Loco Dice Toxic EP

Label: Desolat

For better or worse—particularly the latter in the backlash-fueled world of the internet—the Loco Dice name is often associated with a kind of polished, bottle-service tech house. His high-sheen tracks would indeed seem interminable if they weren't inflected with a bit of hip-hop swagger, a playful disposition that hints at a deeper well of funk than is immediately apparent. Certain aspects of his productions can't help but sound a little anachronistic sitting between the current poles of mainstream trance cheese and ashen bunker techno. Clean and sleek are some of the least-favored adjectives at the moment, and the four lengthy tracks on Toxic are built like an olympic swimmer. Fashion aside, this is only slightly problematic in terms of the EP experience, as Toxic generally knows to open a window when it starts to smell too much like generic Euro cologne. Read more » 

  • Filed under: review
  • 11/15/2012

DJ Shadow Readies December US Tour

Coinciding with the release of his Reconstructed compilation, which we talked about in depth a couple of months ago as a part of our Rewind series, DJ Shadow will embark on his "All Basses Covered" tour beginning in December. Read more » 

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  • 11/14/2012

Download: Discoverer "Personal Clone"

Label: Digitalis

Kansas City's Discoverer (a.k.a. Brandon Knocke) is said to be something of an aural anesthesiologist, delivering hypnotic tunes as sedatives to his listeners. Described as "a cinematic ride through white, sterile hallways and feminized technology," "Personal Clone," taken from Discoverer's recently released Tunnels LP, combines clean, utopian elements—such as soft handclaps and reverberating synth tinks—with somewhat eerie, buzzing melodies to make a slow-grooving-but-sticky piece of galactic beat work in the vein of LA synth-funk maestro Dām-Funk. 

Average: 8.3 (87 votes)

Gear: Elektron Reveals Details of New Analog Synthesizer

After first teasing its existence with an over-the-top promotional video, the Analog Four has at last been unveiled in full detail by Elektron, who also announced that the four-voice analog synthesizer will start shipping next month. Read more » 

  • Filed under: gear
  • 11/14/2012

Take Part in an Online Performance of Brian Eno's 'Lux'

Lux, the latest record from ambient mastermind Brian Eno, saw a release through Warp earlier this week, and to celebrate, Eno and a team of artists are planning to launch an interactive web-art experience, curating audience-submitted photographs during four seperate broadcats of the album this weekend. Read more » 

  • Filed under: news
  • 11/14/2012

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