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Download: Roche "Via Portal"

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A San Francisco artist who has released tracks via Hieroglyphic Being's Mathematics imprint, Los Angeles label 100% Silk, and—most recently—SF's own Icee Hot outpost (a label, we should again point out, is co-run by XLR8R editor Shawn Reynaldo), Roche has passed along a new production for free download. Spanning well over seven minutes, "Via Portal" finds Roche slowly unraveling an array of hardware textures. Led by a hat-heavy rhythm, the tune spends its first two minutes teasing out vibrant synth sequences, which eventually become absorbed by thick, droning chords and further layers of bounding analog notes, ultimately fashioning "Via Portal" into one particularly hypnotic house voyage. 

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Download: Monty the Fly "Ahradic"

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Label: Nothing Odd

The fledgling Nothing Odd label will issue its second outing next month in the form of the Free Three Ways EP from label head Sam Smith (a.k.a. Monty the Fly). Closing out the affair will be "Ahradic," an extended jaunt through twisted house territory. Built atop a steadily bouncing beat, the production finds Smith laying down a seemingly never-ending stream of sonic oddities—heavily manipulated vocals, glitched FX, and reverberant percussion weave their way in and out of the hypnotic, eight-minute affair. Officially due out on November 17, the rest of Monty the Fly's Free Three Ways EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Youandewan "93"

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Berlin-based producer Youandewan has tried his hand at reshaping a hip-hop classic with "93." A house edit of Bay Area rap crew Souls of Mischief's essential "93 'til Infinity," Youandewan's take on the track lifts the original production's liquid chord progression and muffled bassline, reshaping them to fit within a deep, slightly shuffled house rhythm, on top of which he adds a single layer of airy keys. Smartly not overthought, the former Bubblin Up artist's edit simply locks into the same groove that made Souls of Mischief's original track such a memorable one. Coming with word that the producer will have a new EP ready for the Aus label early next year, Youandewan's "93" edit can be grabbed below. 

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Download: Korrupt Data "Memory Loss"

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Label: Planet E

Carl Craig's Planet E label added a new LP to its catalog this month in the form of an 11-track album from an anonymous production project known as Korrupt Data. The self-titled LP is said to challenge the listener's "understanding of the world around us" by presenting "dystopian fantasies painted in sound, broadcast from the ether" and further inspired by "the netherworld of corrupted data." On album cut "Memory Loss," those aims take shape as a driving techno excursion, one which gains momentum behind a lead analog synth sequence and, eventually, various arrangements of celestial chords and long-winded melodies. Out now via Planet E, the rest of the Korrupt Data LP can be previewed after the jump. Read more » 

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Download: Pulp Disco & The Outcasts "Down & Out in Paris and Manchester (Love Story Mix)"

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Label: La Dame Noir

French bar/club/label/DJ and production crew La Dame Noir recently issued the 13-track The Long Long Summer compilation, a collection of modern disco cuts from a sampling of the Marseille label's closest affiliates and like-minded cohorts. Amongst the tracklist could be found "Down & Out in Paris and Manchester," a particularly spacey outing from, naturally, Manchester's Pulp Disco & The Outcasts; here the outfit has offered up its "Love Story Mix" of the track for free download. An extended jaunt through slow-motion disco, the production is peppered with miniature sonic details—light guitar strums, subtly tweaked synths, and pensive percussion hits among them—that fill the space between the effort's steady four-on-the-floor and its lush bassline, all of which comes topped off by a few choice tidbits of airy vocals. 

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Download: Simone Gatto "May 28th"

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Label: Out-er

Italian techno producer Simone Gatto will return to his own Out-Er imprint next month with his second EP for the imprint, Holzwege. Leading off the b-side of the four-track record is "May 28th," a driving effort that begins patiently by patiently building from a steady kick drum and a low-rumbling bassline. As the seven-minute track fully takes shape, Gatto brushes the rolling affair with atmospheric noises before eventually teasing out a number of thick synth sequences and buzzing pads from the depths of the full-bodied production. Ahead of its release on November 3, the rest of Gatto's Holzwege EP—which features a remix from Dutch synth specialist Legowelt—is streaming after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Daddy AOL "Fall Off"

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Label: Swim Team

Swim Team is a fresh-faced NYC crew that plans to issue its debut compilation, Swim Team Trax 1, next month. Incorporating productions from each member of the collective (which includes the likes of Color Plus, AceMo, DJ LILMATT, Izy, Kanyon, Rambow, and Lord $M$), Daddy AOL is set to lead off the effort with "Fall Off." Credited as the the initial founder of the Swim Team collective, Daddy AOL has crafted a solid club hybrid to kick off the forthcoming comp, as "Fall Off" fuses together dubby chord stabs with thick rhythms which teeter just on the edge between a jittery half-time stomp and a full-force shuffle. Before the Swim Team collective's debut compilation arrives next month, the crew's promo video for the effort (which features snippets of its 10 tracks) can be watched after the jump.  Read more » 

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